Farmer’s Milk stores combine Ukrainian authenticity and a modern view of consumption.

A traditional snack – a glass of milk and homemade cakes in modern life turned into a soft cheesecake with a latte in a coffee shop. Ukrainians have become more conscious about their family’s nutrition, so we use the best local products that feature a natural taste and benefits for the body.

Our farm is located in the Bilotserkivsky district of the Kyiv region. In summer, our Holstein cows, which are considered the mildest in the world, graze there in the meadows of various grasses. In winter, they are fed fragrant silage and hay. Immediately after milking, milk is processed at a high-tech factory, so the products retain all their natural features and microelements.

Technologists, microbiologists, and laboratory chemists work at this factory so laboratory control is carried out for both physicochemical and microbiological indicators at each stage of production.

In each store, the manager controls the storage of goods for our guests to have only healthy and delicious products on the tables.

We want as many people as possible to gather together, enjoy natural products, feel care, and positive emotions.

We love the moment when you come to our stores for your favorite goodies, that’s why we equip them with cozy coffee shops – a place where you can arrange an informal meeting or just take the desired break for coffee and a croissant.